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Life is a humdrum affair where every moment is created by our deeds. We at DPS, Barasat, nourish and develop our students so that they can stand against any problem arising in their path and learn to befriend it. We train students to become mature and spiritually oriented men and women of character, to strive for excellence in every field, to value and judiciously use their freedom.
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Session 2022 - 23 | Nursery - VIII
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Pre Primary

The future belongs to the curious, the ones who are not afraid to try, explore and question. Activities appeal to the child’s innate inquisitiveness. Children learn better when they have fun and feel involved. Fun - filled, hands on and interactive activities form an integral part of the teaching learning procedure at DPS Barasat. Languages are taught through phonetic sounds and foundation of number concepts is laid by giving opportunity of learning with pragmatic approach and proceeding from concrete to abstract.

Primary and Middle

The Primary school recognises the link between development and learning. Inquiry based curriculum focuses on the child as a learner. To make students self reliant and independent individual’s learning takes place through project method and co operative learning. To discourage rote learning, the students through various study skills. Language Activities (LAC), Mathematic Activities (MAC), Science Activity Rooms, Exploration Lab provide the students an opportunity to explore and discover.


We have regularly instituted reforms in evaluation patterns and examination. The prime focus of our curriculum is to innovate teaching - learning methodologies by developing paradigms that are conducive for students. We therefore emphasise on: • Easy and stress free assessment tools that value our students’ creativity and help teachers assess their cognitive skills. • Integrating skill learning by adding life skill oriented, value based inputs in our curriculum.

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Nurturing the future gems.

In today’s world of competition, where every school is engaged in making their students a better marketable product, rather than making them good individuals, we at DPS, Barasat raise lions who not only lead but also rule.
Preparing to be a confident individual.

We at DPS, Barasat do a SWOT analysis of each students. We lend our hands when our students drift aimlessly. We help and direct them into the right path.
Focusing on students' overall development.

It is said "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and "All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy". We at DPS Barasat, know how to strike a balance between the two.

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