3 Ways Children Can Expand Their Vocabulary 

3 Ways Children Can Expand Their Vocabulary

Having a good command of the English language is the hallmark of a great education in India. Nowadays, all parents want that their children should speak, read, and write English perfectly. 

However, is it possible for every child to become like Shashi Tharoor, arguably India’s best English speaker? Yes, it is possible! One simply has to expand one’s vocabulary. English medium schools in North Kolkata, like DPS in Barasat, are looking at the various ways in which children can expand their vocabulary and consequently their expressive powers. 

Ways Children Can Expand Their Vocabulary


1. Read books

One of the ways in which a child can expand his or her vocabulary is by reading many books. Developing this habit is crucial, as it not only helps children with their spelling but also with their vocabulary. 
English medium schools in North Kolkata like DPS Barasat have a library where children can pick up age-appropriate books and enjoy reading them. 

2. Check words with the dictionary or Thesaurus

Whenever a child comes across a new word, help them look up the word in a dictionary or Thesaurus. This way the child will learn the meaning of the word and also other similar words. Further, they will learn to use the words in the right context. 

3. Play word games at home

Another proper way to practise what you know is by playing word games at home like Scrabble, Boggle, Crosswords, etc. Children can practise what they have learned. Playing against an adult can expose them to more words. English medium schools in Kolkata, regularly try as much as they can through stories, play, and tests to help children learn new words. 

Wrapping Up 

There are plenty of advantages to expanding one’s vocabulary. When it comes to expressing one’s self, one can easily do so with a wide vocabulary. Also, essays, answers, and other write-ups can sound erudite and well-written. One of the best English medium schools in North Kolkata, DPS Barasat encourages its students to expand their vocabulary as it will help them immensely in the future. 

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