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The Role of a Parent in a Child’s Education

Parents, whether they choose to accept it or not, play a much larger role in a child’s education than teachers. From when they are born, children grow up observing and imitating their parents both consciously and subconsciously. In fact, they idolise their parents. 

Even before they are introduced to a formal school setting, the primary caregiver would have taught the child to speak, colour with crayons, recognize common animals and plants, etc. So, as the child grows older, how can a parent take a step back from their child’s education, and leave it all to the teachers? DPS Barasat, a leading CBSE board school in West Bengal, takes a deeper look. 

Parental Involvement for Academic Excellence 

It is a research-backed fact that parental involvement helps children to graduate from school, get a job, and develop emotionally, physically, and academically. Children whose parents are involved in their education, tend to succeed in life more than children whose parents leave the education up to them. 

This was researched by the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence for over 40 years. Hence, it is the appeal of this CBSE board school in West Bengal, to parents to stay involved in their child’s education right until they graduate. 

Benefits of Parental Engagement in DPS BARASAT, one of the leading CBSE Board Schools in West Bengal

There are plenty of benefits to having a parent involved in the education of a child. 
  • At the lower levels, this engagement helps to create a bond between caregiver and child. Children become more obedient to their parents when they see the interest that the parent is taking in them.
  • At an older level, the child knows they have a support system in place if they should fail to understand lessons in class. They also tend to do better if their parents and not tuition teachers provide them with this support system.
  • Preparing a child for a test often gives a parent insight into the shortcomings of a child. This way, the parent can boost the child’s confidence in those areas. 
  • A strict parent who insists that a child studies and keeps in touch with their books regularly is less likely to get frustrated during exam time and when results are announced. 

Wrapping Up

The CBSE board schools in West Bengal encourage parents to take a more active role in the education of their children. Think of when you were young. Wouldn’t you have liked some help from your parents when it came to the tougher subjects? 

While a tuition teacher can definitely help, at the younger level, it is necessary for a parent to get hands-on with the child’s education. Children need to know that their parents care about their education. So, with the right motivation, encouragement, and rewards, parents can really help their children do well in examinations.

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