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By Wisdom & Courage

Amity described the friendly relation embodies the spirit of egalitarianism, kindness and kinship. The hand gesture of an upward hang clasp denotes equality of strength and closeness. Set in the wilderness, it reinforced the tagline by wisdom and courage, as these are the corner stones deemed necessary to be victorious.


In pursuit of excellence

The benevolent hand gesture thrives to provide security to all that is held precious. The background is a light airy blue to emulate that sense of positivity and security. The use of a bright heart and the hands as protectors is a callout to the tagline, as we protect what needs security and rise higher- in pursuit of excellence.


Faster, Higher, Stronger

Camaraderie is spoken best and the loudest with the clap of a high five, camaraderie often closely compared to brotherhood or partnership is best represented with a gesture that is common place amongst the children. The use of dunes and fire signifies the everlasting need to go upwards no matter how dire the circumstances, camaraderie burns bright in the coldest of nights.


Victory through harmony

Devotion, the undying belief in a higher power or just plain simple hope and belief in yourself. Whichever it may be, it illuminates the deep dark always. No matter how dire the circumstances, a ray of hope from within always helps illuminate the way ahead. The use of prayer hands with the rays coming out of it denote the illuminary power that devotion has, the symmetric approach gives the art a meditative feel.

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