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I'm father of AhilEbrahim(KG I,sec-A) Online classes r taken very sincerely , it is a very lovely experience to communicate with all . Thanking you .

Abdur Rashid Dalder.

Parent of AhilEbrahim (KG I, Sec A)

The school is doing a fabulous job. Keep up the good work in this pandemic.

I would request you to take care of my child in studies and we all will overcome this pandemic together.

Shipu Tiwar iShahi&Rahul Kumar shahi

Parents of Ananya Shahi (Class I)

We were searching for a school which would build the basic foundation of life-education for our child Anjishnu Ray. A new school with dynamic, young and passionate teachers along with experienced administration, in-house modern facilities including smart class rooms, sports, and swimming facilities can offer such learning experiences which we were looking for.

DPS Barasat having fulfilled above credentials, surprises us further while dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic situations. The dedicated team of class teachers ensures proper education of my child and keeps him engaged with fun-filled extra-curricular activities. Keeping a boy of 5 years within a house for a prolonged period of pandemic situation wouldn't have been possible without the support from his beloved school DPS Barasat.

Ms. Moumita Ray and Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray

Parents of Anjishnu Ray (KG I, Section A)

I have a very clear vision about the deep meaning of ‘School’; it is just not a beautiful building but a place to nurture human values along with education. Indeed, it is a difficult task to find out; affordable school with modern facilities but my search is complete with DPS Barasat.

I remember, on the day of admission, my daughter scored excellent marks in the entrance test as faculty said, but at the same time the faculty pointed out my daughter’s mistake and guided, “how to achieve excellent to outstanding”. This is the perfect approach to teach a student. .

I experienced and felt with DPS that it has a state of the art infrastructure, remarkable teaching learning best practices process, simplified subject, knowledge transfer from teacher to students and most importantly qualified mentors are associated with. .

I wish DPS Barasat would be recognized as an academic leader in the education arena soon. .

Dr Shivnath Ghosh

Parent of Ayushi Ghosh (Class IV)

I would like to thank School Management, Respected Principal Mam, Teachers and Non-Teaching staffs for giving their honest efforts& hard work to all the students especially during thisCOVID 19 pandemic and Amphan cyclone. We as a parents are very happy for Eshani by watching her day by day progress and even she is well looked after by the teachers. We even appreciate that boundary was not only limited to studies but also School Management organized various Workshop for not only students but Parents also.

Thanku once again and wish Delhi Public School, Barasat all the very best for future.

Parent of Eshani Sur (ClassV, Sec A)

DPS Barasat has done everything possible during the pandemic to make it most fruitful and enriching learning experience for all the students. Student and parent enrichment programs have focussed on the development of the child personality along with developing the child-parent bonding. The children have not only got benefitted by the scholastics but also by the vocational courses like chess, coding, yoga and many more. All the teachers and the management team has put in their heart and soul to make every day a new learning day for the students.

Parent of Nishita Mitra (Class IV)

DPS Barasat started its journey in a very challenging time when the whole world is fighting back the COVID-19 pandemic. But the teachers of the school have handled the situation in undaunted spirit and sincerely taken care of the educational need and mental health of our little children and made them comfortable in the new e-school concept from the very first day of the session.

We owe special words of acclaim to our Principal Madam, MsMadhumitaSengupta for upholding the spirit of playful learning, even in the prevailing trying situation.

We are happy to be a part of the DPS family.

Paromita Srimani

Parent of AhanSrimani (Class 5A)

This is my great pleasure to write feedback for DPS Barasat. The education method at DPS Barasat allows children to enjoy all the aspects of their childhood. Even during the pandemic situation of Covid-19 highly trained teachers of the school are taking care of every possible practice of education for each child of the school. I as a parent can clearly witness a tremendous increase in our child's confidence and behaviour. My son is learning interestingly every day by enjoying the regular online classes and extra activities.The teachers are identifying the potential of every single child and assisting them to grow beautifully.

I am thankful for DPS Barasat and the management assisted by the school even during this lockdown situation. I would recommend Delhi Public School Barasat to all parents out there who are interested in providing the very best for their children.

Deepika Sharma

Parents of ADVIK SINGHA (Class 4A)

DPS Barasat is destined to make the difference as the school is taking utmost care for shaping the future of the children at unique standards and pace.Academics along with multi level activities and co-curriculur activities are highly appreciated.The facilities are matchless.Teachers takes utmost care to make the students comfortable in the new era of learning.

Teachers under the tutelage and guidance of Principal madam creates a niche for themselves on teaching.We are pleased on the monthly PTM that happen every month and provides a forum to express views and exchange of ideas.As online classes are ongoing due to the pandemic,yet students get to learn new things without a personal interaction and credit goes to the hard work and teaching pattern of the teachers that ensures that it raises and creates interest among the students.

We as parents of Triyaan are happy with the way DPS Barasat have ensured that sharing of knowledge and learning is not compromised because of global uncertainty and we look forward to be a part of this family with greater hopes and aspirations.

Tamal and Pritha Das

Parents of Triyaan (Class I)

There is a saying that “Name Carries Weight”. And when we take this opportunity to describe our experience with DPS, Barasat till date in black and white, it seems that the saying still holds its merit.

While the entire nation was under the grip of COVID pandemic, We are extremely anxious to find a good school for our child Sasmit.

At this crucial juncture, we came to know about DPS, Barasat through Dr ArghyaSen, who has recently left for heavenly abode. Since, we had a bad experience about a newly established institution, we had doubt about the prospect of DPS, Barasat too. But, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we were mesmerised to witness the state-of-the-art infrastructure when we first visited the School campus. Moreover, the dealing staffs were very much well informed and cordial. Sasmit got admitted into DPS, Barasat and a new journey began.

The School embraced the new kids with Sit and Draw Competition, Winter Carnival and Annual Sport. A new relationship was built.

Sasmit was very much excited to join DPS, Barasat and his main area of interest were big play ground, toy train, swimming pool, sea-saw, slide and other numerous indoor game activities. But, all his excitement were shattered with the advent of COVID 19.

Setting aside all odds, DPS, Barasat started online classes on and from 7th April, 2020 and the new platform became the new normal under this pandemic situation. The way the teachers have been putting their endeavour to teach each and every student separately on this virtual platform, needs special mention. Extra care is being taken for weak students through remedial classes. Beside study, DPS, Barasat took initiatives for overall development of its students by organising virtual summer camp, weekly yoga class, weekly chess class and online music and art-and-crafts classes. Now, Sasmit is very much into all these activities and he has been enjoying his virtual school.

Not only that, the DPS, Barasat management organised some online seminars for parents on child psychology, child nutrition and how to take care of eyes particularly in online environment. We, as a parents, got benefitted tremendously from these sort of seminars.

Thank you DPS, Barasat that you have justified your brand name and your moto i.e. ‘Service before Self’. Lookingforward to those days when Sasmit will be playing with his pals on this beautiful School campus.

Samrat Ghosh & Priyasmita Ghosh

Parents of Sasmit Ghosh (KG II, Sec A)

Parents like me are habituated in the "chalk and duster" method of teaching. In the pandemic we were very tensed regarding the academics of my ward. But sitting at home, education at the fingertips was beyond my expectations. Congratulations to team DPS Barasat for their tremendous efforts.

Rupa Bose

Mother of Snija Bose (CLASS II, Sec B)

The teaching methodology, pedagogy and curriculum is very impressive and stands unique out of many schools which we evaluated before admitting our ward in Delhi Public School, Barasat. The schedule followed for class work, homework and co-curricular activities is well planned . The way of sharing knowledge and materials shared daily for practice makes my child think out of the box. I like to take this privilege to congratulate the management of the School for its endless efforts.

Sumit Das and Samikhya Sharma

Parents of Tavishi Das (NURSERY)

I like to take this privilege to congratulate the management of the school for its endless efforts. We are really feeling proud of all the teachers and the school as a whole.Different teaching and learning style is used with Interactive Digiboards which makes learning a fun for my child. We are very satisfied. Our child always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities.

Aratrika Kaviraj and Prabuddha Mondal

Parent of Aadhish Mondal (KG-I B)

To begin with, I am impressed with the curriculum and the teaching methods. The well-planned worksheets assigned for practice made my child think beyond the prescribed textbooks. I believe my son will do well under the guidance of the DPS Barasat school teachers.

Parent of Shakkyo Basak (KG-II A)

At DPS Barasat, our child gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects thanks to an appropriate balance between academics and co-curriculars. We would like to thank the entire faculty of DPS Barasat for the efforts they put forward to ensure that each kid is learning properly and enjoy attending school. We are very satisfied with DPS Barasat.

Dr. Avik Mukherjee

Parent of Avnika Mukherjee (I A)

It’s been two years with DPS Barasat. My daughter, Kahini Das, is currently studying in class I B where she has improved considerably by the activities done at school. DPSB has played a huge role and the faculty was able to develop her hobbies, helped refine her basic etiquettes, and get skilled in multitasking. Huge thanks to the whole team! Hope they keep this us in the years to come.

Kalyan Das

Parent of Kahini Das (I B)

We were looking forward for a school for our daughter Shreyovi which not only provides good education but also focuses on overall development of her and DPS Barasat was the obvious choice. Our experience with DPS Barasat from the beginning is excellent as the school takes a good care for the holistic development of their students in both curricular and co-curricular activities. We wish to have a bright and prosperous future of our daughter by the help of DPS Barasat and hope for every success of this school.

Jaya and Mandar Ray

Parent of Shreyovi Ray (II A)

As a parent of two, I am glad that my kids are a part of DPS, Barasat. It's a myth to give 10 on 10 to any school.But Yes DPS Barasat is trying their level best. Hopefully they will emerge to be the best school in this area very soon.

Parents of Shreyan Mazumder (II B)

We can see our child not just focusing on formal education, but also learning valuable life skills, developing social skills, and cultivating a sense of responsibility. In the school, my child has been able to discover her multidimensional self, thanks to all the extracurricular activities she is engaged in. Be it sports, music, dance, yoga, swimming or activity clubs, all have been pivotal in helping her develop her talent and interest. Overall, I am grateful for the role DPS Barasat has played and continues to do so, in my child's life. I will definitely recommend this school to all my friends and peers as a natural choice as the best school for the region / locality.

Bratati & Debasish Roy

Parents of Pragya Roy (III A)

Delhi Public School, Barasat provides a nourishing environment overall, equipped with all modern necessities. Students are well taken care of from pick up to drop off. The co-curricular activities provide all round grooming and keep the students engaged alongside studies.

Sreemati Sen

Mother of Abhipsa Sen (III B)

DPS BARASAT is a new school in this area but it has got wonderful infrastructure. And also gives a safe environment for students. Teacher-student communication is really appreciable. They give quality education as well as focused on sports and CCA.

Mrs.Ananya Chatterjee

Parent of Yajnaseni Chatterjee (IV A) and Avijnan Chatterjee (VIIIA)

DPS Barasat provides a holistic approach for the development of my child. I am very satisfied with the growth I have seen in my child. Also the co curricular activities are organized in a way that nurtures all the aspects of mental and physical development. Thank you to the excellent faculty of teachers who are diligent in imparting knowledge in both the offline and the online modes.

Mrs. Shrinka Bhowmick

Parent of Shriyadita Bhowmick (V A)

DPS Barasat, is the best school, which impart one of the best education to my child in this Barasat regime. It has learned teachers, with a great infrastructure. This school is having all necessary curriculum and activities to groom every child to be a bright citizen of India. All the best and keep it up.

Smita and Alik Singh

Parents of Aarav Singh (VI A)

We would like to take this privilege to congratulate the management of the school for its endless efforts. We are very grateful to our teachers, Operations Head and our Principal. Also, a very big thanks to the transport and other members of the school. Hope DPS Barasat shines the brightest in future!

Indrani Saha

Parents of Adrija Saha (VI A)

Every parent wishes for their child- quality education with affordable fee, good culture along with knowledge, nurturing with generosity, opportunity for better education. I believe my daughter Ayushi Ghosh, Class 7th A, is being taught by the best teachers and has good mentors. Thanks to DPS Barasat for sincere efforts.

Dr.Shivnath Ghosh and Mrs. Manidipa Ghosh

Father of Ayushi Ghosh(VII A)

Delhi Public school, Barasat has been doing exceedingly well in academics. In addition to that the school organises various activities and programmes which are aimed at teaching the students more about life, how to make their own decisions and establishing their overall well-being. I will be grateful continually for the dedicated and tireless endeavour that the teachers are putting in to draw out the best from my daughter. I am always at peace knowing that she is being given the best opportunities and guidance that she needs.

Payeli Biswas

Mother of Aditri Biswas (VII A)

At DPS Barasat, focus is given on each and every child's personality development through academics, co-curriculars, hands-on learning and critical thinking. Congratulations to the entire faculty who go beyond their limits everyday and deliver their best to make learning fun and interesting. We are very satisfied with our ward's progress at school and are thankful to the entire management for making this possible.

Poushali and Jyotirmoy Kanjilal

Parents of Ujann Kanjilal (VIII)

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